With 3D machine control, building work can be done efficiently with one go. By utilising 3D machine control, significant savings can be achieved in measurement, fuel and material costs. 3D machine control consists of a metering system to be installed in a civil engineering machine and project-specific 3D plans. The three-dimensional plans with dimensional data are visible on the system display, which allows the driver to perform independently and effortlessly even on demanding jobs. The 3D machine control of the excavator is based on satellite positioning, which, together with the base station or network repair service, allows for very high dimensional accuracy.

A test construction area where all the facilities to operate with 3D machine control systems are available. The accurate position has been measured by using static GNSS in ETRS-GK26 map co-coordinates with N200 height system. The reference measurement network in the venue contains three points.

The designer has created a 3D model of shape of sand. The machine operator is given the 3D model and he transfers it to the machine control system and starts to build the wanted sand shape as quickly and accurately as possible. Time is taken from the point where the operator receives the 3D model. The winner is the one who manages to build the sand shape the fastest and most accurately.